Privet • Double Dumper

Application report No 114:
Paper machine vacuum line condensate removal

The water traps and the vacuum pump are often placed one level down from the paper machine level. The vacuum line is going from the water trap to the vacuum pump. In case there is an obstacle to preventing the line going on the same level, it might be necessary to make a bend downwards.

In such a case the condensate will accumulate in this bend. The air speed is increased, when the crossectional area of the vacuum line is decreased by the accumulated condensate. This will continue untill the bend is full enough of water and all of it is sucked into the vacuum pump.

This will cause a costly line break. In order to avoiding this the vacuum bend can be equipped with a Privet Double Dumper® with a special “vacuum ball feeding member”. The frequency of operation of the Double Dumper® should be adjusted so, that the amount of condensate taken out exceeds the amount created.

The Double Dumper® is available from DN50. For this application DN100 or one size bigger or smaller might be optimal. The dumped condensate volume for size DN100 is about 0,8 liter per cycle.


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