Privet • Double Dumper

Application report No 115:
Reject washer intermittent reject removal

A pulp mill in Finland installed a Privet Double DumperŪ replacing a conventional multivalve junk/sand trap located underneath a reject washer.

The feed pipeline size is DN100 and the accept line size DN300. The junk/sand trap line and the Double DumperŪ are DN150. The Double DumperŪ is operated with a frequency of ten minutes. The product has been given a troublefree service since installation 1999. The mill installed to their new fiber line another Double DumperŪ into an exactly similar application in 2001. As a new installation the mill could capitalize an estimated 6500 EUR saving caused by the difference in the installation cost between a conventional, multivalve junk/sand trap and the Double DumperŪ. Also the second installation has given a troublefree service.


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